How to prepare your travel trailer

If you are planning to use your travel trailer in the coming months, you might have several questions regarding how to ready it for travel. If you have already prepared your trailer for stationary parking properly, then you had previously covered it with a big plastic tarp or a high-quality RV cover. Some people keep their trailers stored in fenced storage facilities for an added level of protection. If yours is in this parked state, here are a few tips to help you prepare it for the next vacation.

trailer travel

Insulate your trailer

Most RVs or motorhomes come with an air conditioner and a heater for the temperature control. Trailers, particularly the small ones do not have such luxurious amenities. That is the primary reason you will have to insulate your trailer from the bottom to top during stationary parking. That way, you will be able to trap in the coolness and warmth and hold onto it for longer periods.

If you start by doing some research on the insulation of your RV, you will definitely find several solutions for proper care of your trailer. Not all of them will be applicable depending on the correlation in materials used in your particular caravan. In any regard however, spending the winter in a trailer is not recommended, even when you have insulated it properly. A trailer will be more prone to air leaks and might have a thin layer of insulation, such as fiberglass. In such cases, start by replacing the single-pane windows and insulating them. Reseal the doors and re-insulate the walls. That way, you will be safer with a double layer of protection.

Meet your power needs

If you will be living in a trailer tied into the main grid, you are likely to have endless electricity. But if that is not possible, you will have to consider some power solutions such as solar power or a portable generator. A 300-watt generator will meet all your basic power needs. By that we mean that you will be able to operate your power tools for RV upkeep as needed and enjoy the freedom of working with small electronic appliances.

Moreover, you can use the generator to charge your RV battery. During the preparation stage, you will also need to purchase a quality battery charger to charge the RV batter within a few hours and also to purchase LED lights. Additionally, if you do not want to run the generator throughout the day, invest in solar panels.


The size of freshwater tanks vary; a 19′ trailer will have a 25-gallon water tank. You will need to shower, stay hydrated, make coffee, cook and do dishes and therefore you are likely to go through the water fast. If you have a well nearby, you should be able to hook into it. Use hot water to clean your dishes because it will loosen the fat and residue better than the cold water. That way, you will use less water when doing the dishes.

Go for the easy-to-remove soaps for showering because they will cut down on your water usage time. These soaps will also disinfect your person almost instantly. It is also good to skip a shower on some days as long as your company doesn’t mind. A backup tank that you can fill up is a good option if you will need more water when camping.

Lastly, you will have to place a dirt-collecting doormat near the trailer entrance. If you are planning to wear your shoes in the trailer, you will be able to knock the debris off before getting into the trailer. The best way to clean your trailer involves not getting it dirty in the first place. Ensure that you have adequate energy and water and the rest will take care of itself.